RFID technology dedicated to security :SEALRF® 

rfid pour container

✓ SEALRF®  is a revolutionary seal using a passive RFID component, patented and made from composite materials complying with ISO/PAS 17112 Standard.  

✓ SEALRF®  is complying with EPG Gen2 standard, guarantying the interoperability between all actors..

✓ SEALRF® is readable at a minimum distance of 2m, using a 2 power watt reader..

✓ In case of the seal part of SEALRF® is damaged or forced, RFID tag becomes unreadable.

✓ SEALRF® is impossible to falsify.

✓ SEALRF® increase security

✓ SEALRF® is 100% recyclable

✓ SEALRF® is used like a conventional seal

✓ SEALRF® is customizable thanks to its laser marking process

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SEAL RFID for container which will revolutionize worldwide logistic>>>