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Plastic in all its form, for parts from 1g up to 55kg and 3m length :

Plastic injection, thermoforming, we mastered many technologies and we develop internally or with partnership further solutions :
puce-bleu.jpgPlastic part and function design.
puce-bleu.jpgPrototyping and tooling.
puce-bleu.jpgTrials and adjusting.
puce-bleu.jpgAll decorative process.
puce-bleu.jpgSpecial machine development.
puce-bleu.jpgAll assembling techniques.
puce-bleu.jpgEntire EDI logistic in our plants.


Mastered technologies :

Plastic injection, thermoforming 

puce-bleu.jpgPlastic injection.
puce-bleu.jpgBi-material injection
puce-bleu.jpgSequential injection
puce-bleu.jpgCompression injection
puce-bleu.jpgGas injection
puce-bleu.jpgDecorative plastic injection
puce-bleu.jpg Injection d├ęcoration in-mold
puce-bleu.jpgOver moulding with insert integrating
puce-bleu.jpgHigh dimensions thermoforming

puce-bleu.jpgPaint, lacquer, primer coat, laser decoration.
puce-bleu.jpgFlocking, New !
puce-bleu.jpgHot marking, screen printing, pad printing
puce-bleu.jpgComplete assembly process


Quality standard